Alternator Repair Service

A Common Alternator Issue!

A client calls with a scenario so common we recognize it right away. They were late for work, it was a cold morning, and their car’s engine barely turned over  eventually giving way and firing up. Minutes into the commute to work, with the defrosters going and the morning news on the radio, the car’s interior lights started to flicker and dim. Soon after the newscaster on the radio was cutting in and out out and the defroster eventually shut down. As they continued their driver, the headlights began to fade and the early morning commute started to become worrisome. Just a few minutes from arriving at work the engine started to misfire leading to the customer pulling over on the side of the road. The cell phone that was charging off of the car battery was dead, and what seemed at first like a flat battery appears to be something else.

The Alternator’s Job

The alternator plays a critical role in your car or truck’s charging system. A belt powered by the engine creates power that is forwarded to the battery to keep it charged. Very similar to using your cell phone while it is plugged in. The cell phone battery is being charged by the wall socket while the battery is being drained by you watching you tube videos. When the alternator stops functioning you will notice all of the vehicles electrical systems are being run solely off the battery  and the battery ends up fully drained and systems begin to shut down one by one.


Call TRC Mobile Mechanic Today If Your Alternator Needs Replacement

Is your battery light illuminating in your gauge panel?

Having any of the unfortunate symptoms above?

Just send us an email or give us a quick call and we can schedule you in for a quick alternator diagnosis. You will be greeted by one of our mobile mechanics, who are happy to answer any questions you may have about your alternator/charging system.


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